JM Cyrus

Wordsmith, purveyor of tales, speculator of fiction, explorer of worlds uncreated, discoverer through the mists of imagination.I make things up and write them down.


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Short Stories
"Beneath the Light of the Gibbous Moon", CommuterLit (2024) βœ’οΈ
"By the Blades of Grass and Knife", Yule: A Collection of Yule Time Tales, an anthology from Speculation Publications (2023) πŸŒ‘ (ebook) (paperback) (extract)
"Hum If You Don't Know the Words", Honeyguide Literary Magazine: Issue 7, October (2023) βœ’οΈ
"The Wind Will Call Me Over Land, Coast and Sea", Orion's Beau: Fall 2023, the Transformation and the Power of Love Issue (2023) βœ’οΈ
"The Traveling Fayre of SeΓ±or Monteluz Comes to the Occidental Archipelago", Swords and Sorcery: Issue 140 (2023) βœ’οΈ
"Let It All Melt Away", AntipodeanSF: Issue 300 (2023) βœ’οΈ (listen to the podcast)
"Like A Breath In Another Room", Flint Vol. 2: Wish, by Erro Press (2023) πŸŒ‘
"Jane is Called", AntipodeanSF: Issue 298 (2023) βœ’οΈ (listen to the podcast)
"Citizen Apparent", Sci-Fi Shorts (2023) βœ’οΈ
"Repercussions", Inner Worlds: Issue 2
"You and Me, Here and There, Now and Then and When", Luna Station Quarterly
"The Heart Beneath the Soil and the Water", Aphelion Magazine
"A Star, a Stone, a Sculpture, a Sculptor", All Worlds Wayfarer: Volume XVIII (available for preorder) πŸŒ‘
"A Play Among the Ruins", Gwyllion: Volume 8
"Honey for Breakfast", AntipodeanSF
"Lost in the Shape of You", Necronomi-Romcom, an anthology from Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly (2024) cover and table of contents preview
"A Solitary Walk", Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine
"Feathers of Memory", Backyard Earth, an anthology from The Patchwork Raven
A short story is a view through a keyhole in a locked door into a walled garden.Poetry
"Umbilicus Cosmicum", Star*Line Speculative Poetry: Issue 47.1 (2024) πŸŒ‘
"First", Utopia Science Fiction: Oct/Nov (2023) πŸŒ‘
"Let's go to the seaside", Medusa's Kitchen (2023) βœ’οΈ
"Lend me a book", Medusa's Kitchen (2023) βœ’οΈ
"A Call To Arms", Anna Karenina Isn't Dead, an anthology from Improbable Press, available for preorder πŸŒ‘ - this one bears the title of my first ever submission, right at the beginning of 2023. It set the bar quite high in terms of my expectations of both acceptance rate and editorial kindness.
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.


I don't use social media, so if you'd like to reach me, please send me an email.

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